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The " A.V.I.S. " Methodology
( Alert  | Verify  | Inform  | Signaler)

AVIS Cyber-Prévention Bretagne

AVIS is a Cyber-Prevention method for each individual or professional looking for S olutions to secure their access to / on the Internet and / or wishing to A gir by reporting to the Authorities Cyber-Frauds or potential Cyber-scams !

The internet has become today "THE" privileged area of cyber-crooks of all kinds, on the lookout for lack of vigilance, lack of security and the lack of information from its users, exposed to many sites fraudulent Web at SPAM mailings (or spam) and other doubtful practices ...

With the AVIS Methodology, I wish to bring my experience (since 2008) in a motivated fight against Internet Scams, by offering you Conferences , Workshops and Webinars allowing you to acquire 4 essential skills :

  • Alerte: learning to publish alerts on doubtful or fraudulent website!

  • Verify: learning to check the criteria of doubtful or fraudulent website!

  • Inform: learning to share information on social networks and on the Internet!

  • Signal: learning to Notify authorities doubtful or fraudulent website!

NOTICE is also meetings and exchanges between professionals to consider new prevention strategies, A gir together through events with S olutions effective against cybercrime!

I nternational C yberSecurity F orum (FIC) in Lille in 2018.
(For a process of reflections and exchanges aimed at promoting a European vision of CyberSecurity ...)

A motivated commitment   (who started in Brittany) , to allow everyone to become a "Responsible E-Citizen" ,   with the support of Grenier Numérique (Rocher et Oust group in Brocéliande community) which supports innovative project leaders in the region.



"Prevention is better than cure :

Your security should no longer be an option! "