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The Red List A.V.I.S.

Online analysis of a doubtful website!

WARNING it is important to protect yourself when you want to test a website or if someone offers to register on a website or download software or install an application on your computer / phone.

Using or Sharing a website exposes you to material , financial and legal risks !

A website ANALYSIS is IMPORTANT to enable you:

  • To correctly assess the potential and real risks !

  • Search for malware undetectable by your anti-virus software !

  • Identify one or more malware or artefacts (which take advantage of existing vulnerabilities on your computer, etc.).

You can do a free ANALYSIS yourself or order a ANALYSIS .
90% of websites found by the AVIS ONLINE RESEARCH TOOL are doubtful!

Report doubtful URL(s)!

Thank you for your Report!